iOS & OS X Integration

Leveraging Mobile Device Management (MDM) as well as free management tools such as Munki and Deploy Studio we have the expertise and experience to deploy hundreds or even thousands of computers in your business with ease. This includes standardized application suites, remote administration and technical support, end-user software updates, as well as statistics on your growing fleet. In large deployments, consistency is key for ease of support and our tools allow for a one size fits all solution that still feels custom to the client, all while maintaining a low overall cost. 

Cloud Managed WiFi

In today's world, small and medium businesses need rock solid, reliable WiFi to stay productive. To meet this need, we have partnered with several WiFi Access Point Manufacturers specializing in cloud-managed Wifi. This removes the need to have an on-site controller and allows for easier management with excellent speeds and total reliability. We can provide solutions ranging from one access point for a small office to several hundred access points across multiple buildings with fast rollout and simple management.

Cloud Backup and Archive Solutions

In today's data rich environment, a business can never hold too many redundant backups of their data. While on-site backups are very important for ease of recovery and speed of access, in the event of a natural disaster, fire, theft, or even an accident, an offsite backup is required to keep your data safe. Penguinleaf Technologies has various solutions to back up your business in the cloud and onsite at an affordable cost, even into the petabytes.