Your Client Pipeline

Visualize clients and deals in your own personal client pipeline.

The client pipeline holds the heart and soul of your real estate business; every row represents a way you get paid and a client with a new home. 


Actionable Reports

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.30.55 AM.png

Easy-to-read actionable reports show you what's working and where improvement is needed

Our intuitive reports pull recent and historical data that is already in your pipeline to provide you with up-to-the minute insights into your business. 

All Your Contacts In One Place

Contact coming this summer 

Contact coming this summer 

Automatically maintain a comprehensive contact database that syncs with the systems you use daily.

Sync your contacts with your email, social network profiles and import/export contacts from other common formats. In your database, see a complete log of interactions with your clients, active and past deal and tasks.

Your Smart Assistant

Task coming this summer

Task coming this summer

Customizable smart tasks show you what you need when you need it, without information overload.

Never forget a follow-up or task again, your smart assistant keeps your whole to-do list and only shows you the information you need to get the next thing done, with regular review sessions to stay on track of your long term goals.

Teams of Any Size

Teams coming this summer

Teams coming this summer

Fully supports teams and multiple users with powerful collaboration features.

Your pipeline will scale as you do. Invite other users to your team and assign deals, contacts and tasks. Everyone will have their own personal pipeline, while team views and reports keep everyone on track.