Our Mission

The web is a highly interconnected environment, with a multitude of producers and consumers of information. Our mission is to use the power of cloud computing for systems that collect and manage this information, and present it to users in an intuitive interface.

Our Services

Web Services

We offer a comprehensive range of skills and services to design, host and maintain your online presence. We'll make sure that your website is easily accessible to both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, a great website depends on a great infrastructure to deliver it to visitors. That's why we reliably host our websites in the cloud to ensure that service is constantly available.

IT Infrastructure

Your business needs high-end organizational tools to thrive in today's digital economy. Google Apps offers a range of services to connect, create, and organize, including email based on gmail, calendar, docs and drive, all branded to your company's specifications. We also leverage the power of the cloud to process your data so that you can target your business efforts and make customer-focused, informed decisions.

Cloud Applications

The cloud offers a cost effective way to reliably host an incredible variety of applications at lower costs than ever before. From managed services like cloud wifi to custom or specialized applications for your unique purposes, Penguinleaf can host, configure and manage your applications to provide secure and reliable service without any operational burden.

Our Process

We’re an organization of technophiles, whose passion is harnessing the power of the cloud for our clients to maximize productivity, ease of use and access to insights on their business data. We approach this mission in three ways:

  1. Through directly working with our clients to implement existing 3rd party solutions. This process includes the technical aspect of installing, configuring and customizing as well as higher level services such as change management and user training.

  2. When we identify opportunities in common issues across multiple clients or an entire market segment, we develop and host self-serve web services.

  3. Last but not least, we recognize that every client is unique and off-the-shelf products may not be applicable to their particular situation, so we work with our clients to develop a custom solution to meet their particular needs.

On all of our projects, we take a big-picture approach to consider how our clients and their users will interact with technology. We’re constantly posing questions like "How can we make this experience more pleasant for end users?" and "What are the relevant criterion to measure the success of this project?"